This post serves several purposes; firstly, and I may be a little late to the party, but I want to introduce you to a great blog I’ve only recently discovered. I eventually stumbled on this at the end of a trying day and I was venting frustration by scouring the web and looking for bloggers who dedicate their web time to criticising ad campaigns.

My search got cut short (so let me know if anyone has any suggestions in case I need to indulge in some more cathartic therapy??) because I got distracted by 12 Most. Like a butterfly from a caterpillar, venting my vexations has actually turned into sharing something fun and wonderful.

The site catalogues a top twelve on any given subject, usually under five broad headings of which the most applicable in this case are business, media, and leadership and management. It originated from charming beginnings, with a group of friends writing bite-sized nuggets of information on their chosen areas of expertise, and has since grown in huge proportions.

Which leads me to the second purpose of this post; to introduce and extoll @OccupyKlout. As you’ll imagine this arose from a blog post on 12 Most named 12 Most Hilarious Strategies for Leading an Angry Twitter Mob Against Klout.

This post coherently and describes and explains the common dissatisfaction and mistrust surrounding Klout in these uncertain times, and as such, finds this ground enough to associate “the standard for influence” with capitalism. (Of course there may or may not be other similarities between the two, but I’ll not speculate here). Either way, I applaud 12 Most’s activism against an algorithm that I find myself rely on, without fully understanding. So go on, Occupy Klout!