Google will soon be able to read our minds.

According to Eric Schmidt, this could be a reality in as little as ten years time.

Talking to the Telegraph at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Google’s chairman and ex-CEO Schmidt said that search will eventually evolve to use human actions to inform results.

“We still think of search as something you type. Perhaps a decade from now, you will think, well, that was interesting, I used to type but now it just knows,” he said.

“How does it know? Well, on mobiles we know where you are, down to the nearest foot. You’ve chosen to log in, with your permission, and it knows where you are and it can provide a personalised service.”

“So, here in Davos, where I come every year, it knows where I am and where I was, and it can say, you forgot that you went to that meeting last year and you hated it because I could tell it or it could observe that I was only there for 15 minutes.

“This is a real example. I went to the same meeting last year as this year and we were joking about this – I had forgotten that I hated this meeting and I had forgotten that I had told people that I didn’t want to go, so this time I went for five minutes and left, last year it was 15 minutes. So, the computer would say we observe that you have been there for a declining period of time so we suggest that maybe there is something wrong.

“Technically, with your permission, we know where you are, we know your history, we can do data extraction and look at what it tells us.”

Of course theirin lies the crux of this ‘vision’ – that all of this depends on Google users allowing the search engine to monitor their habits. The way Schmidt sells the idea? By encouraging people to opt-in to Google’s system to experience a “richer” relationship with it. Will you let Google infiltrate your mind…?

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